Drain Doctor can repair your drain using modern, clean, tested no-dig solutions.

Cured in place lining repairs will ensure your drain will be restored to full working condition in no time and will work well into the future.

No-dig repairs mean a resin impregnated felt tube is inflated within the damaged existing drain. Compressed to the host pipe, the felt repair is then allowed to cure in place. Once cured the new drain is then formed and watertight.

Drain Doctor’s lining process restores the structural integrity and often improves the flow characteristics of your original drain.

For smaller localised repairs of between 100mm and 450mm in diameter and up to one meter in length, Drain Doctor can install a patch repair. This can often be achieved in under three hours.

From excavational repair, to no-dig solutions, Drain Doctor can provide a detailed in depth quotation before undertaking any repair. Our modern renovation methods meet all water industry and local authority standards.

Full drain relining benefits include:

  • Bridges and seals gaps, holes and cracks.
  • Increased flow rates.
  • Quick installation and minimal disruption.
  • Prevents tree root infestation.
  • Substantial cost saving over conventional reconstruction methods.
  • Suitable for diameter ranges 100 to 1200mm.
  • Requires no excavation.
  • Resistant to chemical attack or corrosion.
  • Forms a structural and durable new pipe within the old.